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"My daughter earned her pointe shoes, a very big deal in the ballet world, so I wanted pictures to commemorate it. I decided to ask Elisa to do the honors, even though she had zero experience with dance photos. My daughter hates taking pictures, is on the shy side, and most times her uncomfortable demeanor can tend to come through. I observed the pictures being taken, and honestly, I was skeptical because I could not see the final product and I knew my daughter was apprehensive. When I saw the finished product I was seriously in AWE! My daughter's comfort level shined bright and the pictures were more than I could have ever asked for. She brought out the beauty I see everyday in my daughter and best of all...my 15 year old ballerina was proud of them. She is proud enough that she was ok for them to go in her year book. I can not express how happy I am that she was able to capture this milestone for our family." ~ Angel M.
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